Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Powernaut / Alienoxor : my oldest characters

Powernaut and Alienoxor were two
of my oldest characters in my own
comics universe (Super Comics hahahahahahahaaha),
way back in elementary
and high school.

I forgot the name of the girl but I can
remember that she is one of my own
fave lady characters. She looks like a combination
of Zealot (WildCATS) and Psiblade (CyberForce).

Im planning to revive Powernaut in the near future.
He is one of my main characters ever since way back in elementary, highschool and college.

I remember that I almost have 100 plus characters
being made during elementary! How I wish I could retrieve it and post it here.

It's so nice to see them again.This done way back when im in my 4th year highscool in year 1997 and its then 10 years from now!

This only a photocopied copy colored with poster colors and markers, since I used to reserve the original artwork. Sad to say, I din't have one of the original artworks on this one.

more nostalgic artworks to come from me. hiyaaa!:)

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Nye. The name of the girl is StarDust. oh Crap!