Thursday, February 22, 2007

Early Biowatcher Pages

I forgot the year I done this. I just remembered that I have done this during
college when I was taking up Fine Arts and this was the time when I founded a
Club in our School intended for comics artists.

Biowatchers are one of my early characters also. I've done this during
college and I also like this characters. This pages are actually some of my several efforts
doing graphic novels during my college years. And Sad to say I din't got the
chance to finish it due to my lack of time doing and my
inconsistent styles. But the whole story and plot was also been done.
It only lasted 5 pages and I forgot where I put some of it. gosh.

I am also planning to bring back Biowatchers in the near future coz I'm going
to make them as my superhero title flagship. And I like the story also.
They are a combination of Science Fiction and Superhero genre.

And uh, this are originals done in bondpaper, pencils, india ink and unipens.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Powernaut / Alienoxor : my oldest characters

Powernaut and Alienoxor were two
of my oldest characters in my own
comics universe (Super Comics hahahahahahahaaha),
way back in elementary
and high school.

I forgot the name of the girl but I can
remember that she is one of my own
fave lady characters. She looks like a combination
of Zealot (WildCATS) and Psiblade (CyberForce).

Im planning to revive Powernaut in the near future.
He is one of my main characters ever since way back in elementary, highschool and college.

I remember that I almost have 100 plus characters
being made during elementary! How I wish I could retrieve it and post it here.

It's so nice to see them again.This done way back when im in my 4th year highscool in year 1997 and its then 10 years from now!

This only a photocopied copy colored with poster colors and markers, since I used to reserve the original artwork. Sad to say, I din't have one of the original artworks on this one.

more nostalgic artworks to come from me. hiyaaa!:)

Early Psylocke pencil

Well, this is done way back year 2000. And
notice that I myself, was been influence by
western and Japanese style.

I don't know if I can reuse this.hehehe..But uploading
here would mean a long time stock for this image if
in case I loss this.

I like this artwork, but it seems that I forgot to ink this
way back.:)

here's a 2007 version of my Psylocke fan art:

Mecha pencil draft 04

Done this as a concept art for one
of my graphic novels supposed to be.
I have just founded this when I tried to look at
my past artworks (and Im planning to post it here).

Done this last 2004 in pencils .

I'll soon try to reuse this.:)

Im planning to revive my storyline on this
one after I've done with my Dugo ng Engkanto and
Biowatchers Graphic Novels.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Some Drafts series 1

Some of my Drafts on the pages for Extraverse:Genesis 1

Cover Page Draft for Extra Verse :Genesis 2

Page draft and outlining for Extra Verse: Genesis2