Sunday, September 24, 2006

This are some of my
sample pencils and sketch I made last
May 2005 while I was in Bulacan and in Negros.

Which I later used as
my early submissions for some "looking- for- comic artist" companies.Specially in

After which I recently got a project in Modern Myth Press.and for a while focus on contributing in them.

So far, this pages triggered and lead a lot of interested collaborators , in which sad to say, I did'nt made my full time with them and just focus on one project and important friends/ collaborators..

I think it will take me time again on year 2008 to go back in
submitting to the mainstream companies such as DC, Marvel, Image and Dark Horse. Maybe during that year, I am already fully equipped in accepting projects from them if in case they open their door to me.As of now, I want to focus on some friends of mine specially in my own country--The Philippines..

This pages are actually a product of after 2 years of not giving full time drawing comics and I find my work not that really good.sorry peeps, I admit that, I need more practice..
more practice! no matter what...
well, tell me what you think and I'll welcome all your comments..