Friday, October 27, 2006

Kingcom Poster Pencils and Inks

Kingcom Poster Pencils and Inks 01

Here's another filler on this blog of mine.

Kingcom and the Golden Cellphone
promotional poster

Pencils and inks by me.

Done in Bond Paper, Gel pens, Japanese Sable Brush and Higgins ink

This will be published locally , I still didin't have the idea when.But we are now rushing the production and will be release here in the Philippines as Soon as Possible.This is a promotional and Marketing

Published by Kingcom, King of Wireless Jungle through
Maverick Advertising Inc.

This is also an evidence that I do not totally hate Manga and I realized
that it was been part of my influence also since I discover how to draw Cartooning and Caricatures wayback my highschool years..

I will post some of the sketches and inks on this project as soon as I can.