Thursday, February 22, 2007

Early Biowatcher Pages

I forgot the year I done this. I just remembered that I have done this during
college when I was taking up Fine Arts and this was the time when I founded a
Club in our School intended for comics artists.

Biowatchers are one of my early characters also. I've done this during
college and I also like this characters. This pages are actually some of my several efforts
doing graphic novels during my college years. And Sad to say I din't got the
chance to finish it due to my lack of time doing and my
inconsistent styles. But the whole story and plot was also been done.
It only lasted 5 pages and I forgot where I put some of it. gosh.

I am also planning to bring back Biowatchers in the near future coz I'm going
to make them as my superhero title flagship. And I like the story also.
They are a combination of Science Fiction and Superhero genre.

And uh, this are originals done in bondpaper, pencils, india ink and unipens.



and uh, please forgive my grammar...the letters are just drafts
during that time and it will be supposed to be edited when I already have the photocopy during that time.

Taclobanon said...

early start ka pala sa comics. post kapa ng old works mo. saya tingnan ung mga old concepts. :-)